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Mingguo specializes in the production of paper cup machine, paper bowl machine and a series of paper container equipment, we are a professional paper container equipment company integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service.

Our products have passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system and European CE certification, and we have obtained many new patents. With more than 150 employees and 20,000 square meters of plant, we are able to produce the paper container equipment you need.

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Our Products - From Independent Machines To Customized Lines
Focus On Our New High-Efficiency Paper Cup Machine Which Is Popular In The Market: MG-G800

MG-G800 high-speed paper cup forming machine, a latest developed high speed paper cup machine,in the actual development test, the maximum speed can reach more than 150pcs/min.

Optimized mechanical drives and forming systems.
Efficient and compact drive components and units.
LEISTER bottom heaters.
Even GREEN ultrasonic side welder seals.
Delta inverters, servo feeds, PLCs, HMI touch screens.
Automatic shutdown in case of failure.
Diverse Solutions For Multiple Applications
There are many types of Mingguo equipment, which can providevarious solutions from independent machines to fully integratedcustomized production lines. Each solution can provide paper cuppackaging manufacturers with exquisite workmanship quality andhigh- perfomance equipment.

The recommended machines for making paper cups are MG-G800, MG-C600S, MG-C600M. Mingguo's MG-G800 is a new type of high speed paper cup making machine, which can produce 110-150 cups/minute, and it adopts a new mechanical drive and molding system.

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The MG-HC800 is a high-speed double wall paper cup forming machine ,which can be connected with the inner paper cup machine. The servo cup dropping device makes the double wall forming more stable and efficient.

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Mingguo's MG-B600 uses PLC control in the production process, adopts photoelectric eye to monitor the whole process of failure, servo feeds the material, realizes the failure automatic shutdown, improves the safety and stability of the shot, and reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

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Mingguo's MG-B200 automatic high-speed paper drum molding machine which is suitable for paper drum product series, set up a stable work, can make the height of 200mm paper drum, is the first choice of the production of paper drums, and the international paper cup manufacturers in the same technical level.

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Mingguo's MG-PL60 lidding machine was developed with reference to the paper cup forming machine, a new product especially developed for ice cream cups as well as soup bowls in the market.

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Mingguo's MG-PS40 paper straw machine is suitable for the production and processing of paper straws, the machine is equipped with CNC multi-cutter cutting system, which is more reasonable in structure, faster in speed and more stable in performance than other similar machines.

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Mingguo'S Highlights:
How To Create 99% Product Yield
First-class quality standards
Use of top quality raw materials such as iron and aluminum.
Precise management of warehouse with one item and one code.
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Innovative development and customization
Technical team with more than 10 years of assembly experience.
10 years experience in R&D and design of paper cup machine.
ODM customized design for shape, size and material.
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High Precision Machining Center
One-piece molding accessory process.
High machine adaptability and low failure rate.
Long service life.
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Professional program to ensure delivery time
Professional ERP software.
Real-time view of production progress.
Delivery time is guaranteed to be around 45 days.
72 hours start-up test before shipment.
Send samples to customers for confirmation.
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Services to solve your problems
Mingguo Is More Than Just A Paper Container Solution Provider.

Satisfactory service is our promise,Mingguo have a professional service team covering the whole process of R&D, production and sales.We are constantly improving our service performance to meet the needs of our customers for various applications.

R&D team with 10 years experience in designing paper cup machine
One year warranty for the whole machine
Remote control to solve machine faults
24/7 hours fast response
Debugging personnel can come to the door to install
Free of charge before shipment to provide wearing parts
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